This month, our recommended practice is a focus on the core which includes the whole of our trunk area.  The core is the center from which we move and is also the seat of our digestive power and the inner fire which harnesses our will power.  As we move through these darker months, often we feel a sense of lethargy - the excitement and plans for the new year have already started to fade.

To activate your inner fire, we have a new '60 minute Core Strengthening Practice' for you.  For those of you wishing for a shorter practice, we recommend revisiting our more basic 'Short Back and Core Strengthening Practice'.

Core strengthening and back strengthening practice are very important to help prevent back pain. For those of you who already experience regular back pain or stiffness, we recommend starting with a gentler 'Therapeutic Practice for the Lower Back'.

We hope you enjoy the practices!

*** Please note that last months recommended 7 Day Practice Sequences can still be found under the Asanas /Physical Practice section and the Pranyamana /Breathing Practice section, and the Chair Yoga - Full Body Joint Mobilisation Practice under the Chair Yoga Practice section.***