Andres, Kristi, Kristjan, Silver and Vladislav from Videolevels here! Videolevels is all about combining IT and video to build and manage a SaaS platform for events to stream, monetize and interact. With Videolevels, event organizers can create their own Netflix, not just for movies and shows, but for conferences, sports events, trainings… You name it!

We’re happy that we got your attention. Before you think, “oh, this must be another classical developer job ad,” give us a chance to prove you otherwise.

We’re not here to look for a guru, wizard, ninja, unicorn, or rockstar. We’re looking for an awesome developer, not a mythical creature. It might be that you’re just tired of your current job and want a meaningful but challenging thing to work on. Or you are looking to switch to a freelancer lifestyle, searching for your first long-term project. Whatever the reason you’re reading this job advertisement, we’re here to see if there’s a match between you and us!

Join us

Why you should join Videolevels?

  • We’re still at the beginning of building our next-level platform, so we’ve got a bunch of product- and development-related tough nuts to crack and your expertise could shape the way how millions of users use Videolevels in the future.
  • We are already working on interesting technical challenges. For example, we need your help in figuring out how to build a scalable system that can accept and broadcast a huge amount of videos.
  • Modern tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Svelte, Node.js, Deno, Serverless, GraphQL, Docker, and the list goes on… Is there anything you would want to add to the list?
  • We have a lot to do, but we don’t believe in working 24/7. We care about the well-being of our team and trust you to do your best whenever or wherever it fits you best. We do have a small office space in the center of Tallinn, but our team members also like to work from warmer countries from time to time.
  • We have a small, but supportive team that is pretty much capable to do anything. We’ve proven ourselves that we can support some of the biggest events with a small team. Imagine what we could do when you would join us!
  • Last, but definitely not least – we’re working on solving a real-world problem for real clients.

Did we manage to keep it interesting? If yes, drop us a sentence (or two), and let’s chat!

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