Kari's Yogaworld

                       "Welcome to my Yogaworld. I am Kari and I care for you."

Since more than 20 years I am practicing Yoga, being a certified yoga teacher since 2005. Now having the privilege to teach around the globe. 

For more information please check out my website: www.gentle-yoga.de

I was always convinced the teacher and the student has to be in the same room. But life shows us differently and new situations give different perspectives and views on things. So I started offering online yoga classes and now i shoot and edit yoga videos, which is kind of wonderful as I unify my old passion (moving pictures) with my lifelong passion which is Yoga.  But still I have to admit (although embracing the digital world) this does not replace teaching in person, but at least it gives you the possibilty to practice anytime, anywhere and how often you want. 

We start with 5 videos and by the time my offer (and range of Yoga videos) will increase.  Later i also want to add Pranayama, Preparation for Meditation and Philosophy classes.

Enjoy the Yoga videos, Yoga Snippets and Moments of Stillness.  

Please feel free to leave a comment under: kari@gentle-yoga.de

With all my love 



    "Yoga is the Gateway to your Soul" (I got this insight a few months ago)

    And the Gateway to your Soul can be through this online classes. You can buy a ticket for 33.- (Euros) which allows you to stream all the yoga videos how often you want for the next 30 days. After 30 days (or any other time) you can freely decide if you want to continue following this path. I make sure, that I always add new videos from the treasure box of Yoga. After a few months you will be having a great selection of different yoga classes (including pranayam, mantras, preparation for meditation and philosophy) and it will hopefully gives you what you need.

    Enjoy what you find here and I hope it’ll be you.

    Regular fee: 33.- / per 30 days 

    Special offer: 17.- / per 30 days * for those who cannot afford to pay the regular fee

    * Videolevels is a befriended and trustworthy company. Kari.

    ** You only have to register once and after that the login will bring you to me.

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